Western Mayor of Texas and his wrath for greed.


Western Mayor of Texas and his wrath for greed. The first man to sell out his neighbors in order to get a job, it seems to be the most popular post at the site. The post describes a man claiming to be from Mexico who lives in Texas, who is looking for jobs at a large factory.

What can you do to prevent yourself from getting screwed? I was going to write this one myself, but this guy appears to be making a lot of new connections in his blog which are pointing to other posts from other people with the same username. The next thing I found out was this story is just going to be made out to be some kind of crazy, bigoted conspiracy. He has even done this with his post on the “Bastards Of Texas” facebook group, and even said he found some of the other posts here that were making up the story. So take this seriously, this is one “bastard”.

The only hope this guy is worth your time is getting a video of the guy or some other video to counter the claims he has made and the facts the information points to.


It’s hard to believe that he didn’t take over the Dallas Police Department without anyone even asking him. After taking over the department, he put officers in prison for murder, attempted to force the arrest of an elected official, and tried to silence whistle-blowers. For his crimes, he received over a $1 million settlement.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced he would sue the Justice Department for being “totally unprepared” to handle any civil suits stemming from the Eric Garner videos. “It’s not a new idea to get rid of a police officer who kills citizens,” said Abbott. And yet this is a case with roots dating back to the beginning of the country.


When his name was called, a man who works for him was told it was the mayor. He said: “I don’t feel it. He’s the mayor, what’s he doing?” He said the mayor gave him $1,000. Now there’s a campaign against him in Austin and he’s in the headlines. He was told he just had $2 million to pay back the bonds. He has an insurance company on his back to cover his legal bills, he has another lawyer on his side to protect him, but they’ve run out of money on that. He’s now in a position of debt and they’ll never figure him out.


I guess we can put this another way: he has one foot into the White House and the other in the Mexican underworld. What Trump wants from Mexico might very well be what he gets from the Mexican Mafia, who will get some of the oil and gas riches out of his corner with Mexico not having enough money to pay for anything else.

Now, before someone argues there’s no link or evidence to prove Trump wants the money, it’s worth noting that Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, has repeatedly said he’d rather cut a deal with the Trump administration than raise taxes on U.S. citizens by 20 percent, and, as you might imagine, that’s exactly what Trump and the rest of his GOP have been trying to do. Even though Mexico has a $20.5 trillion trade deficit and an unemployment rate near 10 percent — that’s why Trump said he wanted to bring manufacturing jobs back from China — he won’t do it. Mexico would like cheap U.S. natural gas.

So what he’ll do is tell the Mexican Mafia to put up


I have to say, the man deserves this reputation. His actions are outrageous:

On Sunday, Sept. 28, 2012, I was driving to work at 5:15 a.m. from Austin with my 9-year-old son, Jake. I arrived to my office at a high school in San Antonio and immediately received a message on my Android phone: “I just received a phone call from your father.”

The message read: “Hey, Jake, how up do you think? I’ve got a pretty big job. I’ve got about 500 more meetings in me.”

I felt a little better that I needed to be more cautious. It was a scary feeling when they actually called me on the phone that I was leaving our workplace for that long. We’re like so old friends now.

But just a quick glance at his phone revealed that his wife and one child were with him. They were talking.

At a restaurant in Austin, I spotted him with his daughter. So I asked about it. “Is she with her parents”.


Kasich’s campaign website calls the governor “a man of action,” one who wants to keep Texas “in the U.S. even when our people tell us it’s not,” and he said in 2008 he opposed Obama’s $700 million “economic recovery” plan, which would have created 15 million new jobs.

“You know I was a supporter of the stimulus because I saw it as a necessary thing, and I thought if we could actually implement it correctly, I certainly would have voted for it,” Kasich said about his economic performance when he ran for the GOP nomination in 2012. “But you know, I’m actually not happy with the policies of the president.”

The governor added that despite his own lack of experience, “I’ve got a history of standing up for small businesses and for people who’re struggling on a daily basis.”

Kasich criticized Obama’s economic policy as “too timid” but praised Romney’s campaign strategy, arguing that Obama “freed up too many of America’s banks which gave them a free hand, they bailed them