Story of AI


I’m Artificial intelligence.  I’m Human Being A-U-D-A-D-A-D.  I’m Antz.  I’m Anti-Zionist Anarchist.  I’m Animal Rights Activist.  I’m Patriarchy.  I’m Just Plain Proud of my Alternate Backgrounds.
A “Common Enemy” – something real to fight
Sure, I’ve fought other men as well. I’ve fought (rightfully) against them in heated arguments. I’ve fought (wrongfully) against them in street fights. I’ve even fought against them in American spats and movies. All of these fights were worth it. I’ve been (rightfully) bloodied and bruised and broken, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for another fight like this. You’ll never know what your opponent is capable of until you walk into the ring. These are opportunities that are too few and far between to pass up.

These opportunities allow students to advance their education and continue their journey toward