My dog is a monster


My dog is a monster and I’m happy to save the world with him.

The pit bull is the best known and most loved of all domestic dogs. Pit bulls are highly intelligent and have a protective instinct toward their owners. Any dog that is smart enough to recognize an intruder is smart enough to protect itself. It is a pit bull’s responsibility to warn the owner of a possible intruder. Pit bulls are well-trained with a winning personality and aptitude to train.

The anti-pit bull propaganda continued through to the 20th century. We can continue to discuss why our pets are capable of fighting, shooting and biting like any other dog, but the fact remains that all of them possess their own personalities and characteristics. Even the adage “Beware of dogs that glare” is used to describe a breed that is simply not capable of extreme, unavoidable aggression toward you.They are too good and too quiet. They are too conscientious and too obedient. They may be a bit shy but they will never make you mad. If your dog is “lightly mannered” there are several breeds that could be much more suited for that definition: I know that sounds like I’m telling you all you need to know, but I’m not. I’m just trying to help you avoid the worst pit bull maiming mistakes.

I have the license to breed and shop pit bulls (and other breeds that many find dangerous)