Jimi Hendrix The Ghost.


“He was just a little bit out there, I never went very deep into that. I would’ve been surprised to find him. Then, the thing about him, was that he’s such a good musician. You’ve got to be to hear what he was doing and it was his way in to making it happen when he did and he’s got a real nice voice,” he said.

“His music had some of the best qualities for me – just the sheer ability to pull it off and to let it happen. It had been a while since I had heard anyone else come through with a guitar playing so quickly, just in that era, when all these great guitar soloists are now on the stage.”


The first thing that come to mind when looking at music on YouTube is an obscure track by legendary pop singer/rapper Joe Perry, whose music is usually only found inside video stores. Since Perry is one of the rare few who actually performs live and gets to tell stories about the experiences he has, you’d think a lot of fans who like videos of Perry and his music would appreciate watching him take on the ghost of Bob Dylan. So that’s what we’re trying to do here, which is to provide a video of the singer/rapper doing a duet between himself and the ghost of Dylan. After years of working with the ghost of Bob Dylan, it’s only right that we celebrate his achievements, which include writing some of the most memorable, influential, and influential songs in all of pop.

Joe Perry isn’t the only famous songwriter who has inspired a ghostly duet. A similar arrangement by Elvis cost the world some serious soul weight and spawned some of the world’s most recognizable songs. After Elvis died in 1982, many fans speculated that Elvis was about to perform a duet