Innocence lost


Losing virginity in public can be tricky for most women, but our expert says everything works out in the end.

Former Mormon, current White Knight

When I first started as a missionary, I was 18. I didn’t know any more than I was told about the church, what the scriptures said and what the world thought of us. You could spend all day in a seminar and still find out nothing about the church. There were certain ways to behave, certain ways to talk to people. They didn’t expect you to know everything about the church, to know all the full doctrines. It was one big tent.

Even more amazingly, I ended up married to my fiancée at age 23. I was only about nine months into the mission, and we were tied at the hip. By the time I was sent to Spain, I’d accepted the importance of marriage as a life-long goal. “I haven’t found the right woman yet, I’ve got to figure that out,” I told myself. Not until I was in Spain and she’d just started the mission did I really start to consider what a whole new world lay ahead.

I never expected a mission to provide me with exactly what I was looking for, but I was looking for something that would allow me to speak the truth and that’s what this story gives me.”

In part because of my young age, I lacked that much in the way of worldly experience to help me see beyond my own desires.