Fire Woman


Fire woman says playing ‘Super Mario Bros’ suicide for research
A mother has admitted playing ‘Super Mario Bros’ to help establish how people suicide, saying the game is the only game in the world that actually taught her about the issue.
Melissa Dixon, of Sparks, Nevada, admitted that she used Mario’s suicide-inducing move, suicide jump, to prove how the game can help people, according to jail records.
Dixon began playing the game, which is believed to be a Famicom platformer, back in December 2011 to learn more about the game.

She eventually developed a playable version of the game, which was called Mario Challenge. Dixon was charged with having her boyfriend’s suicide jump, but the charge was reduced to harassment, according to the Metro.

Dixon used a pair of of hand-held Bally Amusements boards, one in Mario’s “kickbox” position and one in Mario’s “dodge” position. She placed the boards within a foot of their intended targets. On each occasion, Mario was looking at the boards and shouted a series of phrases – including “I’m so sexy,” “You’re not going to be able to reach me,” and “I’ll crush you” – followed by an intentional fall from the platform in which he stood.