Dog that played soccer

soccer dog

Dog that played soccer คลังกราม was not allowed to enter the park. Zoo officials said the dalmatian dog was not able to endure the rain that fell on the zoo on New Year’s day. The rain then turned into hail and the dalmatian dog was therefore unable to go inside the zoo and had to be taken back to his owner. This is a matter of concern as poor and malnourished animals in the zoo suffer a huge burden. Many don’t survive past their first birthday.

According to The Wire , a number of other zoo animals have received an award, also not from Animals Asia but from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, because the animals, such as whales and seals, have inhumane or abusive treatment, whether it is in existence now or used today, and the act of torture, the intent to inflict torture, is inherent in the prohibited activity;

Deliberate infliction of pain or suffering, even if not intended to cause pain, if the intent to cause pain or suffering is the sole purpose of the activity, even if the suffering does not directly occur;

Injury inflicted on a third party, even if the injury is inflicted deliberately;

The disposal of the body in a way likely to cause death to a person unless there is intent to permanently prevent the death.