Deep thinker


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Why did you think about it?

My son had a recent fight with his stepbrother and I could not just drop him on the street. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get involved.

So do you have the power to do it?

I haven’t done it yet. I would probably need the neighborly police in New Jersey, or some other authority figure to accept it. It would take a big city wide effort to do it on a large scale, but I will figure something out.

What would be your parents reaction to it?

I know they would love the idea. You cannot blame them for that though. I would be concerned because if I were able to┬ádo this I would do it right away and I wouldn’t miss a day.”

And she would certainly miss a good shot of eye-to-eye eye contact if not that from Megan.

“I love Megan,” says Cummings. “We go so far back.

“You can see it when they are looking at me because they want to make sure I am still there. It is always a good feeling and I would be devastated to not be able to do it because it means so much to me.