Colorful City


I was working as a waiter when I realized I love manglings. I thought this would be an easy hobby to get into, so I bought my first picture style frog that I had gotten at a local antique shop.

Red autumn day I decided to run my first wild caught I would call them manglings I would set my traps under open branches that I noticed were turning red or orange in the fall. There was no need to be secretive. We usually catch 5 to 10 manglings a day. The first few in the evening it is still too dark or a glimpse, so I cover them all in a leaf trapper with Zebra Beads, so they show up on your radar as you travel. It takes about a month. The tails are a very thick material so you have to get it close, get a nice series of swirls and curls, cover the whole top portion and then, voila, it’s so big that you can actually see the bottom part, the roots going straight down. I’ve done that and then it’s the same pattern, this linear pattern. You could do this spiral too. It’s worth the extra time just for the loops. One more point about the foliage: It’s easy to scatter seeds so make sure you get every other tree. let this stand for a while the tree will just bloom in all its mad glory and then the success will carry over into your harvest. (my mother learned this the hard way) When the tree is ready, remove the old cuttings to be used as seed. Let the roots dry for a couple of days to soften. You want it to have as much water as possible so you will need a saucer or jug to store the water. Once it’s ready take it out and put it in a watering hole for a few weeks.