A tattooed journalist


The deep energy of this band’s music and their environment has created a lifestyle that can also be considered “a form of worship.” During the past couple of years, they have released two full-length studio albums and one EPs, the latter a collaboration with Kevin Shields of Dr. Dog.

The Sacramento, CA based band has always been called “camp-prog-indie rock” or sometimes even “folk-indie rock” which is one of the reasons why so many of their fans kept it up for as long as they did, going so far as to sing along with the songs they heard. Whether they were giving a hint of music like “Hard Dirt (Part 3)” or following up with vocalist Trevor Nelson’s white-noise vocal performance of some of their favorite songs that started popping up on their record label’s 2009 compilation Give Shrooms, Never Grow Old, the band made sure the band’s sound resonated with all types of audiences.