My dog is a monster

My dog is a monster and I'm happy to save the world with him. The pit bull is the best known and most loved of all domestic dogs. Pit bulls are highly intelligent and have a protective instinct toward their owners. Any dog that is smart enough to recognize an intruder is smart enough to protect itself. It is a pit bull's responsibility to warn the owner of a possible intruder. Pit bulls are well-trained with a winning personality and aptitude to train. The anti-pit bull propaganda continued through to the 20th century. We can continue to discuss why our pets [...]

Innocence lost

Losing virginity in public can be tricky for most women, but our expert says everything works out in the end. Former Mormon, current White Knight When I first started as a missionary, I was 18. I didn't know any more than I was told about the church, what the scriptures said and what the world thought of us. You could spend all day in a seminar and still find out nothing about the church. There were certain ways to behave, certain ways to talk to people. They didn't expect you to know everything about the church, to know all the full [...]

Cyber Goth

Cyber gothic thriller on the fight to overthrow the dictatorship of the yellow superfamily. 'Technically, I am dead,' he says, gaunt and close-eyed, struggling to contain his excitement. 'But, how can you be dead? The last thing we knew was that our lives were about to end at an insane asylum.' But the Swedish director Lars von Trier has not changed his formula. He was frustrated by heavy-handed studio meddling when he made Melancholia, which started life as a short film for a music competition. While shooting the film, he had to repeatedly cancel shoots, while the studio hierarchy became [...]


Cockroaches have a sharp sting on the tail, which can inflict serious injury if you are bitten or injured and need medical attention. Cockroaches are highly attractive to many pets, as they are wonderful chew toys. Cockroaches also have an acid sensitive skin and acidic diet, which is why they may also be found at the base of toilet seats and the top of baths. Cockroaches are able to live for many years, and may have a natural lifespan of 2-4 years. It's generally a bad idea to teleport on a continent, which basically means that you're stuck in a [...]

Fire Woman

Fire woman says playing 'Super Mario Bros' suicide for research A mother has admitted playing 'Super Mario Bros' to help establish how people suicide, saying the game is the only game in the world that actually taught her about the issue. Melissa Dixon, of Sparks, Nevada, admitted that she used Mario's suicide-inducing move, suicide jump, to prove how the game can help people, according to jail records. Dixon began playing the game, which is believed to be a Famicom platformer, back in December 2011 to learn more about the game. She eventually developed a playable version of the game, which was [...]

Dark Forest

  Dark forest means that the patients believe they are hearing sounds of a natural origin, in addition to normal noises from the outside world. They claim to hear herding noises, little birds and nature sounds and hearing their own names. Now that they have their own concept of a sign language, it's important to learn as much as possible about the interaction of the deaf and hearing individuals to see if they have actually started the trend in the term "deaf forest" in its modern meaning. Sign Language Interaction While nature sounds may have started the talk, a day at [...]

Jimi Hendrix The Ghost.

"He was just a little bit out there, I never went very deep into that. I would've been surprised to find him. Then, the thing about him, was that he's such a good musician. You've got to be to hear what he was doing and it was his way in to making it happen when he did and he's got a real nice voice," he said. "His music had some of the best qualities for me - just the sheer ability to pull it off and to let it happen. It had been a while since I had heard anyone [...]

The Pigs That Ate Magic Mushrooms.

The Pigs That Ate Magic Mushrooms. But it isn't all doom and gloom: This book reveals something you'd probably never know from the media. It shows how real magic and magic practice can be And how the truth about magic, spirituality, and spirituality have something to give your loved ones. I've always known I was special, but the media has never told me or anyone that. The magic I was taught never made sense and always looked a little weird or odd. But I felt in a way that was totally normal, and I thought that if magic were real, [...]

Burning Thoughts of a Mad Man.

Burning Thoughts of a Mad Man. "It was like being stuck in your body and waiting to get out because everything's going so damn fast." On a trip to Europe this past summer, I talked a couple of times with a guy who used to live in the U.K., and then he asked for my thoughts. It turned out he was a member of the group. So I'll give you my thoughts on everything. The first thing that comes to your mind is the fact that you're not in control of your life. So how do you manage that? "Well," [...]

Queen of Ice and Fire will destroy the world and the remaining humans

Queen of Ice and Fire will destroy the world and the remaining humans. (Or something like that.) The only people who aren't going to be destroyed are the Seven, the Greyjoys, and the Dothraki. Jon's plan is to have the Dothraki kill Jon and leave the rest behind by a boat (or by killing them with poison) but Jon is going to use Jon's blood to resurrect Daenerys and have her carry the dragons after him so that he himself can carry them. What this plot doesn't have is an actual plot twist -- no, if Daenerys had killed Jon, [...]

Western Mayor of Texas and his wrath for greed.

Western Mayor of Texas and his wrath for greed. The first man to sell out his neighbors in order to get a job, it seems to be the most popular post at the site. The post describes a man claiming to be from Mexico who lives in Texas, who is looking for jobs at a large factory. What can you do to prevent yourself from getting screwed? I was going to write this one myself, but this guy appears to be making a lot of new connections in his blog which are pointing to other posts from other people with [...]

Fruit Island’s Mystic Spirit that controls Nature.

Fruit Island's Mystic Spirit that controls Nature. The Mystic Spirit can be destroyed by attacking it and taking no damage. Lurking Treasure that allows the player to shuffle 2 of the 4 cards in the hand back to that player's deck. Only 1 of each card can be shuffled before a "Dice Rolling" effect is applied. A player can only gain 1 life from such a random draw, resulting in an even 2 draws per deck. This card's effect does not apply to the Mystic Spirit that controls Nature, which is chosen by drawing 8 cards. The player must also [...]

Intel : Digital World of Robots

What will happen when the world ends after robots take over? At this stage, there is no clear understanding of what's going to happen or how it's going to impact the human condition. For example, there's been an ongoing conversation around whether it will be possible to live with a life-like digital representation that is a full-fledged, digital-like simulation of the human body. In addition, the possibility of living in a virtual world that isn't part of the physical world has been talked about for a while. In this case, as you're reading this, you'd be able to live in [...]

Ice Cat The Queen and the War.

Ice Cat The Queen and the War. The Queen is on the front lines with the Red Devil as the enemy, and she can't get away fast enough. She and Her Highness have gone into battle together. Sarasak The most feared warrior in all of Freljord. And he is about to go one step further: He will take over the entire universe. The greatest warrior of all, he is in a fight for their worlds and for their survival. Dryad The most feared warrior in Freljord. He is very tough, and he can wield many weapons and power up with [...]