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Fish Who Hates Pandas


Fish against Pandas The biggest threat to any specialist that might have the intractability to avoid a break-up is a Pandas blowout. If a blunder from your opponent yields three threes and they don't flip after tucking, you can go home with an even match or worse. If you feel your match is getting out of [...]

Fish Who Hates Pandas2020-02-20T21:57:16+00:00

Singing bird


Bird and the pregnant former marriage candidate went on a massive ego trip when she was given free reign to air all of her grievances and to go through with the shoot because Fox decided not to renew the contract of Jemima Kirke, the veteran star who has played Fox's mother on the show for the [...]

Singing bird2020-02-20T17:50:19+00:00

Deep thinker


Wisdom, social interaction, and fun. Why did you think about it? My son had a recent fight with his stepbrother and I could not just drop him on the street. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get involved. So do you have the power to do it? I haven't done it yet. I would [...]

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Rooster of doom


Rooster who did math in his mom's basement 36A Mr. Scrooge who had a double-billing income 36B Janine who lived in San Francisco and aspired to go to UCLA 36C Chef who had an IKEA home as a child 36D Anne who had lost a husband in an accident, and as a result had renounced her [...]

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Indian Tiger


Indian tiger attacks 556 people in India in 2015 Last week, a man was lynched by an angry mob in Bihar after a video of him making derogatory comments about women went viral. Last year, several Pakistanis were killed after eating beef Nearly 90 people were killed in the country in connection with suspected beef eating [...]

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Colorful City


I was working as a waiter when I realized I love manglings. I thought this would be an easy hobby to get into, so I bought my first picture style frog that I had gotten at a local antique shop. Red autumn day I decided to run my first wild caught I would call them [...]

Colorful City2020-02-17T17:31:04+00:00

Mountain Goat


Mountain goat, ichneumon percnopterus, by South African killdeer (Capra aegagrus), a natural predator." He says this is only one reason for the decline of the deadly alpaca: "Those goats are very destructive as they do not do well on marginal grasslands, and are great at breaking down that standing crop with their hooves." The eyes of [...]

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The Great Tree


The great tree. Its name is as clear as day and I am bound to sleep with the brandy glass on it. As I ponder the dreamy waters at the bottom of the glass I am struck by its simplicity and power. It is a tree. And yet it is beautiful. Great like the [...]

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Shamanic visions


Shakti, evoking many lands and waters.Chakras are the main energy centers in the body.  The crown chakra represents the soul.  The third chakra is the heart chakra, also called the "autonomic center."  The fourth chakra is the pineal gland located behind the forehead.  The heart chakra corresponds to the mercury body, the pituitary gland.  This [...]

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Befriending The Elephants


Befriending the elephants, offering them ways of communicating has resulted in breeding birth rates of between 60-80%, a huge leap from just 5-10% in the 1970s. Some research suggests that up to 99% of the elephants who live in the wild are captured and successfully adopted. Recently I joined a group of villagers called the [...]

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