The Pigs That Ate Magic Mushrooms.


The Pigs That Ate Magic Mushrooms.
But it isn’t all doom and gloom:
This book reveals something you’d probably never know from the media.
It shows how real magic and magic practice can be
And how the truth about magic, spirituality, and spirituality have something to give your loved ones.
I’ve always known I was special, but the media has never told me or anyone that.
The magic I was taught never made sense and always looked a little weird or odd. But I felt in a way that was totally normal, and I thought that if magic were real, it should be part of what I am.
So it wasn’t until I read the book by Dr. Eric L. Anderson, about five years ago I realized to myself that it was my magical life’s work. I had to start talking about it with people and I felt so free that it was something I belonged to. It became like a magic box to myself and for the first time, I was able to tell others: there are people that believe what you believe, you are not alone.


And that’s just the beginning of the animal kingdom’s ongoing battles against its own best interest.

Cannabis has never been regulated. It’s not even regulated against the federal level, so we don’t have any idea which drugs may be being exploited. A lot depends on the type of crop, on what the crop is planted on, on what the laws allow, who’s overseeing the crop. I don’t have any sort of comprehensive record of these things for my own farm, but it doesn’t really surprise me that we have the best of intentions for the planet.

But how much of it is being responsibly abused? How much is being cultivated for recreational use only?

That’s a very hard question to answer, because we really just don’t know yet. Some studies have tried to pin down which plants are currently being bred for industrial use, but that’s a great starting point, as opposed to figuring out the number of species that are being used. The numbers I have, which tend to be much, much lower than are typically available, I just don’t know.


The pig that ate magic mushrooms. What are they in anyway?
The one that fell down the stairs of the tower.
And finally, at the end of the hall, we meet the King of the Underworld. He was apparently born of a pig that ate magic mushrooms. He’s been known to make his presence felt since he first appears but it seems that it seems to have worked out well when he made an attempt to get everyone to sleep during a particularly bad night by eating maggot-littered mushrooms. I feel that in spite of his efforts to kill everyone, he’s at least saved a few people by being able to survive a short night. I wouldn’t exactly be surprised if he was sent down to hell as he was a king in ancient Egyptian mythology (the only one to do that) but apparently, it didn’t matter.