Singing bird


Bird and the pregnant former marriage candidate went on a massive ego trip when she was given free reign to air all of her grievances and to go through with the shoot because Fox decided not to renew the contract of Jemima Kirke, the veteran star who has played Fox’s mother on the show for the past five years.

Hannigan’s crusade to get a regular sitcom gig since leaving that long-running series proved to be fruitless. That is, until she agreed to star in Me, Myself & I, a new sitcom for ABC.

That’s a lot of episodes to fill. In the last season of 30 Rock, Fox broadcast 24 episodes in a two-month span. There will be plenty more time between now and its first episode on Tuesday night.

First up is a film titled Gifted, based on the Brian K. Vaughan comic that depicts a superhero family. The movie is set for release this September, and several Hollywood stars — including Katie McGrath, whose career has mostly centered on the Smallville series — are starring.

If there’s a shock to come out of the casting, it’s probably the show’s casting of Sebastian Stan, who is an Oscar-winning actor, but most importantly, a comic-book fan.


‘m still hoping they’ll dip into the comic-book world some more, especially if they decide to eventually find someone like Mr. Fantastic or the Invisible Woman, because I know there are tons of comic fans who would love to see them, as well.Maybe I’m wrong about that, but my assumption is that he’ll be a fun addition to the show’s cast, especially since he played J. Jonah Jameson in the Jonah Hex movies.