Shamanic visions


Shakti, evoking many lands and waters.
Chakras are the main energy centers in the body.  The crown chakra represents the soul.  The third chakra is the heart chakra, also called the “autonomic center.”  The fourth chakra is the pineal gland located behind the forehead.  The heart chakra corresponds to the mercury body, the pituitary gland.  This organ also communicates with the pituitary gland which is the endocrine gland in the human body.  The parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system controls digestion, digestion, behavior, and metabolism.  

Pineal glanderythrocytes, dopamine, indole-3-carbinol (I3C) and endogenous glucagon. Antidepressants affect the receptor level in the prefrontal cortex, but such effects are not well established with other substances. 
“The brain’s antidepressant circuitry is as complex and fascinating as the molecular machinery that determines the brain’s neurochemistry. Tryptophan depletion, however, has been shown to reduce the extracellular levels of the serotonergic 4,15-dihydroxyphenylalanine (4,15-DHKP), a precursor of tryptophan, within prefrontal cortex neurons. Tryptophan depletion could also influence the serotonin/dopamine system in a widespread manner.