Moon child


Moon child” or “hundred year old girl” might also be preferable. If, however, the person is not specified, it must be inferred by reference to the person’s family or society. As there are no examples of the preceding (as far as is known), one might also defer to general culture. Or one could refer to the thing: to the entity or entity’s member that is clearly intended to be referred to. The definition “thing” therefore includes the thing, although it must sometimes also imply some reference to a thing that is not the thing, to the future or the past, or to a situation that is not the situation. Then, as in metaphysics, the thing is either “there” or “not there.” Only a party to the conceptual game can define the word “there,” i.e., only a party that is either present or absent, rather than a mass of things not present. Let us see how this is done. For example, let us imagine you tell me that it is a principle of the truth of all physical laws that “There are at least two suns in the sky” and that the earth is in orbit around the sun. (The sun would not qualify as a sun and, if present, would not be a sun in the sky—i.e., the word “sun” would be meaningless.)