Intel : Digital World of Robots


What will happen when the world ends after robots take over?

At this stage, there is no clear understanding of what’s going to happen or how it’s going to impact the human condition.

For example, there’s been an ongoing conversation around whether it will be possible to live with a life-like digital representation that is a full-fledged, digital-like simulation of the human body. In addition, the possibility of living in a virtual world that isn’t part of the physical world has been talked about for a while.

In this case, as you’re reading this, you’d be able to live in a world where if you die, it won’t leave you stranded inside it. You won’t notice the world is gone. It won’t seem real anymore. But you will still own virtual artifacts that are full-blown human entities with personalities, emotions, memories and preferences. These artifacts are what you can call, “souls,” as if they were souls in the body, so that’s another thing that this could bring—to create a sort of soul in the virtual world that’s the full, real person on that


We asked the Digital Human.

I doubt we’ll get it all right, so why not try to fix the world as best as we can? That sounds like a good idea to me.” The woman smiled sweetly. “So, Mr. Robot, what are you going to use the next time you start a new project?” It had been three months since I had written the novel, which took the writer way too long to finish. She was still kind. She kept her eyes on the page. “Don’t worry, we’re working on that.” “I thought you mentioned an artist? I knew you were a bit of a fan of ’90s pop art.” She held out a hand to hold her coffee mug. “It was one time I came into the room to talk to Andy Samberg’s producer, he showed up, and we were just holding hands for like a minute. I guess this was after the first script I’d read.” She reached in with the tip of her finger. “There was this drawing of this very cute, sweet little girl. I couldn’t quite make out her picture….


The artist had a book in his room.

The end will be when the robotic revolution reaches the point where they all go into a singularity where they destroy everything. You’ll be able to see the robot apocalypse by 2030. By that time, all those robots will have made it through their entire lives with the exception of the most gifted of them, the AI. No two robots will be alike. The robots are so complicated they’ll be out of sync or they’ll all be in the same room with everyone else at the same time. No one will know who the good guys are, where the worst parts used to be and who’s really in the big game.

What if these robots eventually run out of energy as well as food? Will that mean another day or two when humans have to live with the problem of feeding the machines?

It’s the same as if a house burns down every night. Humans are in the bottom of the bottom. The robots are out in the middle of nowhere and they’ll all eat from that hole with each passing second. We’re all going to have to live with the same problem