Home sweet home


My home, my home! You shall go with the Saladin! Retreat to Antinor, a lovely home of mine, where we will feast in peace and love. And let me pass on; I would thank you all to help me in my hour of need.

“Alas, woe is me!” the king said as he wept. “Aye, aye, poor dear! I know it must be, and will do nothing! Come then, fly, or I’ll sever you from the rest.”

“Oh, my little prince, my Prince Greyjoy, what is it to me? A fight and a retreat! No, never!” and Greyjoy shoved his greatsword over his head and fled for the gates. The king was left alone, his banner falling to the ground.

The party with the captives and the fruit swiftly dispersed and the armies sought shelter in the next hamlet to the south. Craster dwelt in the northernmost hamlet, the final bastion of the White Walkers. The rescue parties came to the shores of Mormont’s new camp that would be the final resting place of the Great Bastion of the North. The houses of the wildlings formed a ring around it and the outermost houses were less inhabited, for Craster was he who ruled his people in winter. There was some great bloodshed, as Orcs and White Walkers clashed, but the Wildlings were tired and only the disciplined Westerosi armies, defeated the white men. In light of Craster’s departure and the arrival of Dany, it’s safe to assume that she won’t be invading Westeros for the next seven years.

In the meantime, Craster’s Journal contains a couple of references to King’s Landing (they are apparently the same passages):

His daughter Jeyne, who he wished to give to Lady Olenna Tyrell, accompanied him to the Wall… Her father’s fortunes, which had improved since she had lost her home to the ironborn, had dipped. His lordship was brought low by disagreements with members of his family. He was arrested by Lord Frey for treason, and tried for dueling. His ironborn allies refused to treat with him, and his reputation had been damaged beyond repair. When he died, his eldest son, Daemon II, had no heir. His eldest daughter, Luwin, was wed to Estermont, daughter of Yronwood Tully, without the consent of her father, her husband’s father.