Hindu goodness


Hindu goodness or uncreated goodness. It has to do with doing justice to the mysteries of the Lord’s birth and death, purity and impurity. Also, the word “good” has different meanings in different contexts. Since Hinduism is a religion of nature and especially a religion of Vedanta ,  we are pretty sure that I need to realize that Hinduism isn’t all about morality. It’s not all about peace and universal love. Even if it were, we’d still expect there to be moralistic values in religion as well.
But I’m going to be plain here. I don’t like people who call themselves Hindus but actually want to do away with Hinduism because they don’t like the hypocrisy.

There are two sides to every story. If you have an ideology and a constitution you should abide by it, but when you are in power you can talk about whatever you want to and the Constitution becomes nothing more than your wish list

Ajmer when this was announced I was in a unique situation that I never thought I would be in again in India

They have completely transformed my foreign relations in the last few weeks and this is really something that makes me really happy.