Head underwater


The tater tot groaned again, the instinctive scream of a frightened animal. He looked back at the shoreline. If they were going to carry on walking, he should stay in the water. He’d not survived long in land. Then he heard a voice behind him, a woman’s voice, and the sounds of war. The voices of an eager foot soldier and a young blacksmith’s apprentice.

“I say go,” called the Foot Soldier, followed by a “welcome aboard.” Then something about a bank of trepidation fell from the young blacksmith’s voice.

“No need to be alarmed,” the voice responded, and on the hill, on the side of the tent, at the far end, was a sphinx. Even as Draco rose to his feet, Sirius Black got out of his bed and moved closer to the tent, looking ready to pounce. It took a moment for Draco to realize he was standing before Sirius Black. “I am here to make you an offer,” the black sphinx of Slytherin said, sitting down, swinging her long, serpentine body like a pendulum. “Of how you might be able to join my House.” “You want me to join you?” Draco replied. Sirius Black nodded. “Yes. Of course I do. It is a dream”