Fish Who Hates Pandas


Fish against Pandas

The biggest threat to any specialist that might have the intractability to avoid a break-up is a Pandas blowout. If a blunder from your opponent yields three threes and they don’t flip after tucking, you can go home with an even match or worse.

If you feel your match is getting out of control, you’re encouraged to lose your ego. It might seem like a lot to ask to just keep playing. But if you see a disadvantage and feel that you can’t recover, cut it short and see how you do.

You might know them as the friendly pandas of the planet and the cute, cuddly pandas. But sometimes, pandas can be ugly. They can be too big. They can be not nice to people. Here are 10 reasons why you don’t want to meet a panda.

Panda bears live in bamboo forests. Their diet is primarily bamboo, which can make it appear dirty because they’re so exposed to fecal matter. As a result, parents will often bury their babies under the dirt so they don’t get the bear’s feces on their faces or clothes. This is not a good idea, especially if they are pregnant