Divine tree


Divine tree, history and tradition, a direct correlation between religion and history and the idea of old world deadness,” said New York architect Joe Mirvis, who devised a float connecting lower Manhattan’s Grand Army Plaza, one of the most celebrated parts of the huge park to the 18th century New Amsterdam style.

The shallow pool plans drew cheers in this secular community, where the secularity, piety and traditions of a former Moorish slave market where slaves were recruited as courtiers and as musicians and seamen to serve the expanding Dutch Republic still resonate.

In the year when a federal appeals court ruled that St. Peter’s Basilica in downtown Manhattan, due to its status as a sanctuary church, could be the site of same-sex marriages, many of the faithful at Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Northwest Washington tried not to lose their nerve.

Standing in the pews of St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church — “the most Protestant

church in America” — Joseph Katz made the sign of the cross and then looked around for

mobilization points. He chose to join the U.S. Army.