Baby Yoda saved star wars.


Star Wars became more popular in Western America than the culture it was born in. There was a Star Wars group formed in New York in 1969. There were close to 6,000 fans at George Lucas’s last film, 1977’s Star Wars, opening in movie theaters nationwide the following year. As the movie continued to develop, it caught the eyes of top executives in Washington DC and the nation’s capital, eventually landing the Oscar for Best Picture.

Star Wars went on to capture an American audience in the hearts and minds of kids of all ages across the nation. It was part of the greatest Disney/Pixar blockbuster that brought joy to generations for decades to come. As to grown up fans, and more recently, the general public, they represent the standard American Post-Industrial Military Complex with bush being Darth Vader.

Uncle Sam and Darth Vader sign a peace treaty already mentioned.

“I will not stop until you surrender.”
“Canton is under my control!”
“I would never use this weapon against you,” said Vader. ” I have many other ways to ensure your submission.”
“Is that the one you came here for?”
“I suppose so,” said Vader. “You have done well, Bush.”
“And you have undone your work by forcing a young boy to lose his father,” said Bush, now standing in the doorway. “You are a disgrace to the name of Jedi.”
“He will not be harmed!” shouted Vader. “He would rather see your downfall than mine”

“Trump and Darth Vader enter a war. The party failed. Great job!”

As Breitbart News reported, Spicer was alluding to the most recent election and the outcome of the 2016 presidential race. It wasn’t just any president, but one President Donald Trump.

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Trump and Republican party did not win.

Clinton and her campaign, plus the mainstream media, somehow won.

Spicer took to social media to tie Democrats and the mainstream media in with the dark forces of Darth Vader.

“To those on the left who are accusing the press of ‘colluding’ with Darth Vader,