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There's a dim flicker of light drizzled over a cemetery, slow-dancing with those sleepy kinds of shadows that are too lazy and honest to hide thieves and beasts. As the first sun sinks in retreat behind wild looking trees, the second charges upwards in between the crests of the faraway mountain borders. But these graves [...]


Mimikyu Love Shadow


Mimikyu Love Shadow Mimikyu couldn't stop thinking about the love. It was just so intelligent and depressed, But he could never forget the lucid dove. That morning, Mimikyu was shocked by a glove, he had to calm himself with rest, Mimikyu couldn't stop thinking about the love but later, Mimikyu was spooked by a belove. [...]

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Lost Tie Fighter


Lost Tie Fighter - He gives his tie fighter a shake, And laughs until his belly aches. The Tie Fighter is lost, broken and depressed, but he has promises to keep, after repairs and lots of sleep.

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