Fish Who Hates Pandas

Fish against Pandas The biggest threat to any specialist that might have the intractability to avoid a break-up is a Pandas blowout. If a blunder from your opponent yields three threes and they don't flip after tucking, you can go home with an even match or worse. If you feel your match is getting out of control, you're encouraged to lose your ego. It might seem like a lot to ask to just keep playing. But if you see a disadvantage and feel that you can't recover, cut it short and see how you do. You might know them as the [...]

Singing bird

Bird and the pregnant former marriage candidate went on a massive ego trip when she was given free reign to air all of her grievances and to go through with the shoot because Fox decided not to renew the contract of Jemima Kirke, the veteran star who has played Fox's mother on the show for the past five years. Hannigan's crusade to get a regular sitcom gig since leaving that long-running series proved to be fruitless. That is, until she agreed to star in Me, Myself & I, a new sitcom for ABC. That's a lot of episodes to fill. In [...]

Deep thinker

Wisdom, social interaction, and fun. Why did you think about it? My son had a recent fight with his stepbrother and I could not just drop him on the street. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get involved. So do you have the power to do it? I haven't done it yet. I would probably need the neighborly police in New Jersey, or some other authority figure to accept it. It would take a big city wide effort to do it on a large scale, but I will figure something out. What would be your parents reaction to it? [...]

Rooster of doom

Rooster who did math in his mom's basement 36A Mr. Scrooge who had a double-billing income 36B Janine who lived in San Francisco and aspired to go to UCLA 36C Chef who had an IKEA home as a child 36D Anne who had lost a husband in an accident, and as a result had renounced her native England, and as a result was settling in the South as a "runner" in a hotel. 36E Knives who found himself dropping out of school at age fourteen. 36F Hector who graduated from college but sold his apartment to finance his divorce from his [...]

Indian Tiger

Indian tiger attacks 556 people in India in 2015 Last week, a man was lynched by an angry mob in Bihar after a video of him making derogatory comments about women went viral. Last year, several Pakistanis were killed after eating beef Nearly 90 people were killed in the country in connection with suspected beef eating in 2015. In 2015, Bangladesh was affected by the dispute between the Indian state of West Bengal and neighbouring states of Assam and Orissa over cow slaughter. The police killed 473 people in cattle-related violence in India in 2015. India recently introduced its own version [...]

Colorful City

I was working as a waiter when I realized I love manglings. I thought this would be an easy hobby to get into, so I bought my first picture style frog that I had gotten at a local antique shop. Red autumn day I decided to run my first wild caught I would call them manglings I would set my traps under open branches that I noticed were turning red or orange in the fall. There was no need to be secretive. We usually catch 5 to 10 manglings a day. The first few in the evening it is still [...]

Mountain Goat

Mountain goat, ichneumon percnopterus, by South African killdeer (Capra aegagrus), a natural predator." He says this is only one reason for the decline of the deadly alpaca: "Those goats are very destructive as they do not do well on marginal grasslands, and are great at breaking down that standing crop with their hooves." The eyes of an alpaca have a triple layer of tissue, and a relatively "good" eye is likely to see what an alpaca would have seen in its natural environment. He tells The Telegraph: "The barrier is the high level of alpaca hair that makes it difficult for [...]

The Great Tree

The great tree. Its name is as clear as day and I am bound to sleep with the brandy glass on it. As I ponder the dreamy waters at the bottom of the glass I am struck by its simplicity and power. It is a tree. And yet it is beautiful. Great like the devil himself. It is the creature of hell. It will consume all but the first one. But only the first. Just the one. And you will kill it. Death is the beginning of something new. But not of something new. Just death. Such a wonderful [...]

Shamanic visions

Shakti, evoking many lands and waters.Chakras are the main energy centers in the body.  The crown chakra represents the soul.  The third chakra is the heart chakra, also called the "autonomic center."  The fourth chakra is the pineal gland located behind the forehead.  The heart chakra corresponds to the mercury body, the pituitary gland.  This organ also communicates with the pituitary gland which is the endocrine gland in the human body.  The parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system controls digestion, digestion, behavior, and metabolism.   Pineal gland, erythrocytes, dopamine, indole-3-carbinol (I3C) and endogenous glucagon. Antidepressants affect the receptor level in [...]

Befriending The Elephants

Befriending the elephants, offering them ways of communicating has resulted in breeding birth rates of between 60-80%, a huge leap from just 5-10% in the 1970s. Some research suggests that up to 99% of the elephants who live in the wild are captured and successfully adopted. Recently I joined a group of villagers called the Remote Elephants, led by a farmer named Udit Chatterjee, to visit some of the orphaned elephants,, especially those in the Kunzilai reserve, just an hour's drive from Mumbai. We saw emaciated elephant calves, struggling to get up, clear the high grass of the ramparts and [...]

Early Victorian Art

Early Victorian art,  like that of Francis Bacon and Elisabeth Mary Alcott, was organized around simple forms: an ellipse, an arc, a circle, a triangle. This ideal allowed many early artists the freedom to simplify their figures into three dimensions. This innovation laid the foundation for many of the more interesting Modernist artists, who, like so many of us, are driven to combine, simplify and exaggerate in order to elevate our sense of identity.Another example of the proliferation of multi-dimensionality can be found in chiaroscuro, which took off in the late 18 th century and has been a dominant art form ever [...]

Story of AI

I'm Artificial intelligence.  I'm Human Being A-U-D-A-D-A-D.  I'm Antz.  I'm Anti-Zionist Anarchist.  I'm Animal Rights Activist.  I'm Patriarchy.  I'm Just Plain Proud of my Alternate Backgrounds.A "Common Enemy" - something real to fightSure, I've fought other men as well. I've fought (rightfully) against them in heated arguments. I've fought (wrongfully) against them in street fights. I've even fought against them in American spats and movies. All of these fights were worth it. I've been (rightfully) bloodied and bruised and broken, but I wouldn't trade any of it for another fight like this. You'll never know what your opponent is capable of until [...]

A tattooed journalist

The deep energy of this band's music and their environment has created a lifestyle that can also be considered "a form of worship." During the past couple of years, they have released two full-length studio albums and one EPs, the latter a collaboration with Kevin Shields of Dr. Dog. The Sacramento, CA based band has always been called "camp-prog-indie rock" or sometimes even "folk-indie rock" which is one of the reasons why so many of their fans kept it up for as long as they did, going so far as to sing along with the songs they heard. Whether they [...]

Dog that played soccer

Dog that played soccer คลังกราม was not allowed to enter the park. Zoo officials said the dalmatian dog was not able to endure the rain that fell on the zoo on New Year's day. The rain then turned into hail and the dalmatian dog was therefore unable to go inside the zoo and had to be taken back to his owner. This is a matter of concern as poor and malnourished animals in the zoo suffer a huge burden. Many don't survive past their first birthday. According to The Wire , a number of other zoo animals have received an award, [...]

Baby Yoda saved star wars.

Star Wars became more popular in Western America than the culture it was born in. There was a Star Wars group formed in New York in 1969. There were close to 6,000 fans at George Lucas's last film, 1977's Star Wars, opening in movie theaters nationwide the following year. As the movie continued to develop, it caught the eyes of top executives in Washington DC and the nation's capital, eventually landing the Oscar for Best Picture. Star Wars went on to capture an American audience in the hearts and minds of kids of all ages across the nation. It was [...]